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Functional Overview

The Code List feature provides the consumer with the ability to fetch all possible code values for a GSDO Type from the SAP Gateway system.

The Code List feature enables the content developers to easily create value helps (F4 values) for various fields.


If the consumer wants to enter a partner role and wants to fetch the list of valid partner roles, the content developer should create a user-centric model for partner roles, create the associated service document and then fetch the list of partner roles using this service document. For more information on Code List Usage, see Code List Usage.

The Code List feature lets you to create value help:

  • To retrieve Domain value

  • Using ESA Services

  • Using BAPI

  • The Code List should be properly configured in the SAP Gateway system.

  • Appropriate SOA manager configurations need to be maintained between the SAP Gateway system (consumer) and the SAP ERP system (provider system).

  • SAP system must be configured for this user to use Code List.

Consumption of Code List

Code List can be used to determine the list of possible code values for a given field. The abbreviated code values are listed along with their language dependent descriptions. For example, in order to fetch the list of possible partner roles, code list for partner roles can be invoked. It is also possible to filter the code list fetched based on the abbreviated code value and/or the associated description.

Code List Services Links

Since code list services are based on user centric models generated for each code type, the service link will depend on the user centric model and the associated service document.

For example, if a user centric model for code list has been created for partner roles, and if the service document’s external name is PartnerRoles, the metadata and service document links will look like:

Partner Roles

Service Document

http://<hostname>:<port>/sap/opu/sdata/iwcnt/PartnerRoles/?$format=xml&sap-client=<client number>


Metadata Document

http://<hostname>:<port>/sap/opu/sdata/iwcnt/PartnerRoles/$metadata?$format=xml&sap-client=<client number>


Contact your system administrator for host name and client number.