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Creating and Adding a HANA DB Based SAP Gateway ServiceLocate this document in the navigation structure


The following steps are required to create a SAP Gateway service for SAP HANA information models. The first step contains the integration-specifc information, the later steps correspond to those described in the OData Channel quick guide.

  1. Define / Choose SAP HANA artifacts.

  2. Create the model provider class.

    In transaction SE24 create a new ABAP OO class based on superclass /IWHDB/CL_HAI_RT_ABS_MODEL as the model provider class (MPC).

    1. Redefine and implement method GET_HDB_ARTIFACTS.

    2. Set catalog, view and optionally entity set name for the SAP HANA artifacts.

  3. Register your model / service.

    1. Define your model.

      1. Create a new model.

      2. Assign the MPC and enter a model description.

      3. Save your model.

    2. Define your service.

      1. Create a new service.

      2. Assign the generic DPC /IWHDB/CL_HAI_RT_DATA and enter a service description.

      3. Save your service.

      4. Assign your model to your service.

      5. Save the service to model assignment.

More Information

For more information on the SAP Gateway with SAP HANA integration, see SAP Gateway With HANA.

For general information on how to create an OData Channel based service, see OData Channel Quick Guide.