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Registering an RFC Destination for Outbound QueuesLocate this document in the navigation structure

Register the bgRFC destination for the outbound queue to handle communications efficiently. Proceed as follows:

  1. In transaction SPRO open the SAP Reference IMG and navigate to: Start of the navigation path SAP NetWeaver Next navigation step SAP Gateway Next navigation step OData Channel Next navigation step Configuration Next navigation step Connection Settings Next navigation step SAP Gateway to Consumer Next navigation step Register RFC Destination for Outbound Queues End of the navigation path and click on the Activity icon.

  2. Select the Define Inbound Dest. tab.

  3. Choose Create.

  4. In the Inb. Dest. Name field, enter IWFND_BGRFC_DEST.

  5. Choose Enter and Save.

  6. In the New Prefix field, enter IWFND_CNP for example and choose Create. Repeat the step using IWCNT_WF, for example.

  7. Save your settings.

  8. On the Scheduler: Destination tab choose Create.

    A message displays, asking if you want an outbound or inbound destination.

  9. Choose Inbound.

  10. In the Destination field, enter IWFND_BGRFC_DEST and choose Save.

  11. Save your settings.