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Creating a Provider System in the Consumer SystemLocate this document in the navigation structure

When calling a provider system, a profile has to be specified. Use the profile created and distributed in the Creating a New Profile in the Provider System section.

If the profile used in the GSDO is not present in a provider system, mass configuration of the web service proxies in service groups is not possible. In this case, each web service proxy can be configured one by one. You can create logical ports manually, see the SAP NetWeaver documentation about Creating a Fallback Configuration.

Creating a Provider System
  1. In the SAP Gateway system go to transaction SOAMANAGER choose Start of the navigation path Technical Administration  Next navigation step System Connections End of the navigation path.

  2. Choose New. Enter a name and description for the provider system.


    The name of the Provider system and the name of the WS Provider System (mentioned in section Creating System Alias for Applications) should be same.

  3. Choose the profile you created as mentioned in the section Creating a New Profile in the Provider System.

  4. Choose Next.

  5. If your SAP system is listed in the SLD Identifier field, select it, else enter a name for your SAP system that uniquely identifies it.

  6. Enter the URL for WSIL (Web Service Inspection Language) of your SAP system. The default value for the URL is http://<host:port>/sap/bc/srt/wsil?sap-client=<client>. You can also obtain a URL, follow the procedure below.

    For obtaining a URL to configure WSIL, proceed as follows:

    1. Log on to the provider SAP system you created.

    2. Go to transaction SICF.

    3. Enter SERVICE for the Type Hierarchy.

    4. Enter WSIL for Service Name.

    5. Choose Execute.

    1. The WSIL service lists the configuration of all web services exposed by the system.

    2. Logical ports can be created using SOAMANAGER automatic configuration, which either uses Service registry (If configured) or WSIL to retrieve WSDL and corresponding endpoints. If you do not have Service registry in your landscape you must provide WSIL details while configuring the provider system in consumer system SOAMANAGER (in System Connection).

  7. Enter the user, password for WSIL and choose Next.

  8. Choose New, in the Systems Connections Wizard.

  9. Enter a name in the Application Name field and provide a description.

  10. An external key is required that identifies the provider system. Perform the steps given below to get an external key.

    To obtain the external key of a provider system, proceed as follows:

    1. In the provider system go to transaction SOAMANAGER choose Start of the navigation path Technical Administration  Next navigation step Global System Settings End of the navigation path.

    2. If no external identifier is displayed, enter an organization name and business system.

    3. Save your settings. An external identifier is now generated.


    For releases lower than SAP Basis 701 this GUID is not available. If this is the case, you cannot use mass configuration on the consumer side for the services of that system. Proceed as follows:

    1. Enter any unique ID in the External Key field.

    2. Proceed with the configuration of the business scenario. The activation of the scenario fails.

    3. Create the logical ports manually (see section Check the logical ports you have created below).

  11. Choose a configuration that suits your requirements and landscape setup like, authentication method and secure communication.