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What Information Should Be Included in a Customer Service TicketLocate this document in the navigation structure

When you create a customer service ticket, include as much context information as possible. For more information about which details to include, see the following checklist.

Table 1: Checklist


Name, client, logon language, software components

Include system-specific data, that is, the system name (ID), the client, and the logon language, as well as all the software components.



Include the URL that is used to access the system. It is imperative that you include this information.

Image(s) or Video:

Screenshots or images to show location of error

Include at least one screenshot that shows the complete navigation path to the error. Draw on the image if needed. Alternatively, create a low-resolution video.


Include a long text to explain the problem. If possible, include a description of the process that led to the error, of the observed behavior and, where applicable, also the expected behavior. It is important to explain and describe the exact problem you are reporting.