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To create operations for your data model (for example, Read, Query), proceed as follows.

  1. Either right-click the root data object and choose Operation from the Create menu, or right-click the Operations folder and select Create Operation.

  2. The Create Operation dialog box is displayed in which you need to enter an operation name (mandatory), an Input Data Object and an Output Data Object (both optional, although if you do not enter them, syntax errors are reported after pressing the Check button). Search help is available. Fill in the fields and select the green checkmark.

  3. The new operation is created and appears under the Operations folder in the tree view. The Properties Editor displays so that you can define the new operation. The Operation Type of Q (Query) is already filled in.

    There are no mandatory fields.

    The operation is also available from Operation Data Objects in the tree view.

  4. Save your entries.

  5. If you want to change the input or the output data object, right-click the relevant data object and select Reassign Operation.

  6. You can change a data object used in an operation in either the Object Structure folder or the Operations folder; any changes made are reflected in both places.

The following fields are available for editing in the Properties Editor; the other fields are read-only.




External Name

Name of the operation as represented in the external service, service document, and metadata document.


Operation type

Type of operation for this data model. Select one of the following options from the drop-down list:

  • Q query operation

  • X custom operation

  • C create operation

  • R read operation

  • U update operation

  • D delete operation

  • S search operation


Sup. Freetext

Select this checkbox if you want the operation to be used to enter free text in a query, for example, to enable a free text search.

Not selected