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Managing Substitution Rules in the Unified InboxLocate this document in the navigation structure


As end user of the Unified Inbox, you can create substitution rules to manage your tasks in your absence. There are substitution rules for planned or unplanned absences. You can nominate substitutes to work on your tasks on your behalf. You can also accept to take over tasks from other users in case of planned absence or during an emergency.

You use this procedure to create and manage substitution rules in your absence.

  • You are logged on the Unified Inbox (URL: https://<server>:<port>/sap/bc/bsp/iwpgw/tgw_unif_inbox/index.htm) .


To create a substitution rule in the Unified Inbox:

  1. In the Unified Inbox page, choose Manage Substitution Rules icon.

  2. In the My Substitutes window, choose New.

  3. In the Create Substitution Rule window, choose a user in the Substitute field.

  4. You can create a rule and define that a nominee either receives your tasks (in case of unplanned leaves) or fills in for you (in your absence).

    • To send your tasks to your substitutes’ task list, in case of planned leaves, create a substitution rule with Automatic Forwarding to ON and choose the date range.

    • To send your tasks to your substitutes’ task list, in case of unplanned leaves or unexpected absence, create a substitution rule and turn Automatic Forwarding to OFF.

      The substitution rule appears in the Inactive section of your substitutes’ I Am Substituting tab page. To receive your tasks in their task list, the substitutes must activate the rule by choosing ON.

  5. Choose Profile, if you want to create the substitution rule for specific tasks classes.

    A substitution profile consists of specific task classes (group of individual tasks or standard tasks) in the systems where that profile is configured. Your substitute can view your tasks that are related to that substitution profile only.


    If you choose a substitution profile, the substitution rule is created only in the systems where the selected substitution profile is available.

    If you do not choose any profile, the substitution rule is created in all configured systems having substitution rules.

  6. To activate the substitution rule, select Activate.

  7. To create the substitution rule, choose Create.

To enable a substitution rule:

  1. On the My Substitutes tab, you can view the substitution rules that you have created.

    The Active section displays the substitution rules that are within the current date range and therefore active.

    The Inactive section displays the substitution rules that have been created for a past or for a future date.

    If the rule is created for a later date, the rule moves to the Active section at the start date. If the start date of the rule has exceeded the current date, the rule is no longer active and the status changes to Outdated.

    In case of unscheduled absence, typically during creation of substitution rules, a substitute user is specified in advance but substitution rule is not activated. Such substitution rules can be found in the Inactive section until the substitute activates the rules.

  2. To stop your substitute from receiving your tasks, choose Off. The substitution rule is now disabled.

  3. To delete a substitution rule, choose Delete.

  4. To see the substitution rules from others who have nominated you as substitute, go to the I Am Substituting tab.

    The Inactive section displays the substitution rules, which you have either not accepted (in case of unscheduled absence) or which are not within the current date range.

  5. To accept or to take over the rule from the Inactive section, choose On.

    The rule moves to the Active section and you receive the tasks of your assignee in your inbox.