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SAP Gateway Service Builder simplifies and structures the service development and modeling process required for exposing and consuming data by using projects. Developers first create a project to develop, model, and store all the development artifacts they need to define a service. The focus on project-based service development is consequently reflected in the Service Builder user interface.

Screen Areas

Standard UI comprises the three following screen areas:

  • Tree view to show open projects, their substructures, and the artifacts they contain. To edit data objects and their properties, double-click the relevant data object in the tree view.

  • Mass maintenance view for creating, editing, copying and pasting, and deleting data objects within a project. Data object types include, for example, entity types, complex types, associations, and function imports. To display details about a data object, select the relevant row in the mass maintenance view and choose Details.

  • Message view displays all types of messages regarding the status of the project. You can hide the message view or delete individual message.

Figure 1: Service Builder UI

For more information about the mass maintenance view, see Working with the Mass Maintenance View.