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Enabling the Payload Push Scenario in Your ApplicationLocate this document in the navigation structure

Data Model XNotification

You must explicitly define the format of your XNotification in the SAP Gateway system.

Each XNotification must inherit from the basic notification IWF_NOTIFICATION.

The following options may be used simultaneously:

  • Extend the basic notification structure with additional properties to contain business data.

  • Define the relation to the subscribable Data Model, to indicate that the whole GSDO is to be sent along with the notification:

For example, see the XNotification defined for the sample user scenario:

Maintain Service Document

Add your XNotification object to the Service Document (Consumption Model) in transaction SE80.

Maintain Subscription Properties for the GSDO

You have to specify which XNotification type is to be used for your subscribable GSDO. If no XNotification type has been assigned to the GSDO then default (basic) notifications will be sent during runtime.

For this a customizing activity is available in the implementation guide (IMG) in the system. In your SAP Gateway system open the SAP Reference IMG in transaction SPRO and navigate to Start of the navigation path SAP NetWeaver Next navigation step  SAP Gateway Next navigation step Former Development Next navigation step Generic Channel Next navigation step Configuration Next navigation step Subscription Settings Next navigation step Maintain Subscription Settings for GSDO End of the navigation path.

Implement application scenario in the backend system

As an example, you can use the report you created in step three for the Push Sample Application.


It is the explicit responsibility of the application implementation developer to make sure that all potential recipients of the notification are authorized to access the business data sent along with the notification.