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Generated Classes for the Data Provider ClassesLocate this document in the navigation structure


The Service Builder automatically generates classes for the DPC once you generate the project.

The following are the classes:

  • Base Class:

    The generated base class inherits its code from the minimal SAP Gateway abstract class, /IWBEP/CL_MGW_PUSH_ABS_DATA.

    The generating mechanism for the DPC redefines and implements the following operations in the minimal SAP Gateway: Create, Read, Update, Delete, (CRUD) and Query.

    For each entity set in the model, it generates the specific methods for implementation.

  • Extension Class:

    The Service Builder creates an extension class for the DPC, which is the implementation class.

    The extension class is inherited from the DPC base class. You can redefine each method in the extension class for the DPC.

There are several methods in each class, while some of the methods are inherited from the abstract class and do not change, others that are inherited from the abstract class can be redefined, and you can add your own methods.

Properly created DPC classes do not give syntax errors, and have an Active state.

To verify, select the Check.