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Managing Tasks with the Unified InboxLocate this document in the navigation structure

You use this procedure to view and work on the tasks assigned to you.

To configure the Unified Inbox for Task Gateway, proceed as follows:

  1. Access the Unified Inbox using the following URL: https://<server>:<port>/sap/bc/bsp/iwpgw/tgw_unif_inbox/index.htm

    The login screen is displayed.

  2. Enter your user name and password and choose Log On.

    The Unified Inbox opens showing all open tasks.

    • To open the List view by default, add &sap-ui-inbox-defaultView=sap_inbox_list to the URL.

    • To open the Stream view by default, add &sap-ui-inbox-defaultView=sap_inbox_stream to the URL.

      Figure 1: List View
  3. Select the status of the tasks you want displayed from the drop-down list. Your options are: open, completed, overdue, or escalated tasks.

  4. If required, filter the tasks displayed.

    1. Choose the Filter icon to turn on the filter options. The Filter Options area is displayed.

    2. Select the desired criteria.

  5. To work on the task, select the task from the task list and perform the action.

    The standard actions such as Claim, Open, Release, and Forward are enabled or disabled based on the status of the selected task.

  6. To forward one or more tasks to other users for completion:

    1. Select the task you want to assign and choose Forward.

      You can select and assign multiple tasks to another user by selecting the tasks, (SHIFT + tasks).

    2. Enter or search the name of the user to whom you want to assign the task and choose Forward.

  7. To view the task application and to perform actions on the tasks, select the desired task from the task list and click the hyperlink in the Task Title column.

  8. To view custom attributes:

    • In List view, choose the Filter icon and select the desired task type.

      The custom attributes of the selected task are displayed in the table.

    • In Stream view, choose the Show Task Details icon.

      The custom attributes appear below the task actions.

  9. To view and execute custom actions:

    • In list view, select the desired task from task list. The custom actions available for the selected task are displayed in the toolbar.

    • In stream view, the available custom actions along with the other actions appear in line for each task.

  10. In stream view, to view and add comments to a task, choose the Show Comments icon.

  11. In the stream view, the task description appears along with the task.

    If the task description has an HTML text or if the description is long, then to expand the description choose Show More and choose the Show Less to minimize the description.

  12. In the stream view, to add, view or delete attachments, choose the Show Attachments icon.

    • To browse and attach a file to a task, choose Add Attachment .

    • To download the attachment and view the details, choose the attached file.

    • To delete the attachment, choose the Delete attachment icon

  13. To specify the number of rows visible in the List or Stream view, select the desired number of rows to be displayed from the Page Settings section at the right bottom of the view.