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This section contains cookbooks about how to create and consume SAP Gateway services. The cookbooks in this section describe the steps you need to perform to get a simple example up and running quickly and easily.

SAP Gateway Service Builder

The Service Builder is a design-time environment that provides experienced and less experienced developers alike with an easy-to-use set of tools for creating OData services. The Service Builder visualizes all the development artifacts needed to create a service and supports the entire development life cycle of a service.

  • Getting Started with the Service Builder

    Describes step-by-step process about how to create a new service based on an existing data model, how to edit the properties of this data model, generate the service, and consume the data it exposes. The Service Builder can be used by all developers regardless of experience.

Programmatic Approach to OData Service Development

If you are an experienced developer and favor the maximum flexibility enabled by a more programmatic-based approach, see:

More Information

For more cookbooks and for advanced topics within the SAP Gateway cookbooks, see the Technology Innovation knowledge center area in the SAP Community Network (SCN) under published on SAP site.