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Creating the UC Data ModelLocate this document in the navigation structure

Creating a UC (User Centric) Data Model is an optional step when creating an SAP Gateway service.

You must create a UC Data Model if you want to add user-specific Annotation to your Data Model. You cannot annotate the PS Data Model that was generated by the BOR generator.

We can simply derive the UC Data Model from the PS Data Model; all details are copied to the new model. The easiest way to do this is as follows:

  1. With the ZSFLIGHT02 PS Data Model we created displaying in the navigation tree in the Object Navigator, right-click Derived SAP GW Data Models and select Create SAP GW Data Model.

  2. Next enter the name (ZSFLIGHT02) and a type of UC for the new model. The version is 0001 (read-only). The name, type, and version of the PS Data Model from which we are deriving the UC Data Model are already filled in.

    Create UC Data Model

  3. Press Continue (Enter).

  4. In the screen Create Object Directory Entry you have to provide information that will specify how the new UC Data Model (R3TR IWOM ZSFLIGHT02_0001_UC) will be handled by the Change and Transport System.

    In our example we have selected a name that is part of the Z namespace. Since we do not want to transport the Data Model, we select Local Object (package $TMP) and choose Save.


The UC Data Model is successfully created and added to the Derived SAP GW Data Models folder. You can navigate directly to it using the Display Object List icon in the toolbar. The PS Data Model on which we based it displays under Base SAP GW Data Model.

Add Annotation as required (see Annotation editor), then continue with Creating the Consumption Model.