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Editing the Mapping in Your Data ModelLocate this document in the navigation structure

You can edit the mapping for an operation in the Structure tab of the Data Model Generator tool as follows:

  • Add and remove mappings in the Data Model.

  • Reassign or flatten a Property to a Data Object.

  • Rename a Property.

Adding and Removing Mappings in the Data Model

To change the mapping for an operation:

  1. Select the operation with the mapping you want to change in the Operations section of the Structure tab.

  2. Choose Change Mapping.

    The Map Operation screen displays, with the selected operation displaying in Operation Type.

    The Data Objects and Properties of the selected operation display in the Mapped Attributes section (main part of the screen), showing the existing mapping.

  3. Expand the Data Objects and make new selections or remove selections for the Properties you want to change.


    If you remove the selections for the Properties, the mapping route and the read-only checkbox in the New Property column are no longer visible.

  4. Remove the selection for the Keep Fields Without Mapping box at the bottom of the screen to ensure that fields left without mapping after the changes are removed from the Data Model’s structure in the Data Model tree view.

  5. Select the green check mark at the bottom when you have finished changing the mapping. The screen closes and the changed structure displays in the Data Model tree view at the bottom of the screen.

Deleting a Mapping

You can delete the mapping for an operation in the Structure tab of the Data Model Generator tool. When you delete a mapped operation, it is removed from the Operations section of the Structure tab screen.

To delete the mapping for an operation, proceed as follows:

  1. From the in the Operations section in Structure tab screen, select the operation for which you want to delete the mapping.

  2. Choose Remove Mapping and a popup displays, asking you to confirm you wish to delete the mapping.

  3. Select Delete All Occurrences of the Method from the Data Object box if you wish to delete all occurrences of this operation from the Data Model.

  4. Select Yes and the operation and its structure are removed.

Renaming and Reassigning a Property to Data Object

You can change the mapping route of a Property and also rename a Property using Change Mapping Route in the Map Operation screen.

For more information, see Changing a Mapping Route.