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This section provides an overview of the supported authentication methods for social network application scenarios.

SAP Gateway supports two potential authentication scenarios:

  • A social network application, such as, Facebook, or LinkedIn, that retrieves and updates information from and in SAP Gateway.

    This is not a very trusted environment.

    The application communicates with a specific user having appropriate authorization in the backend system, and uses an authentication method, for example:

    • X.509 client certificate.

    • OAuth 2.0 authentication method

  • SAP Gateway retrieves and updates information from and in the social network application.

    SAP Gateway’s process connects directly to the application using OAuth 2.0 authentication.

The figure below is an overview of the social network application scenarios using SAP Gateway.

Figure 1: Social network scenario

The following is an explanation of the figure above:

  • Consumer

    Social application allows users to publish any information. The information is of interest to the company.

  • Connectivity Layer

    Reverse proxy acts as a connectivity solution for external consumers.

  • SAP Gateway

    SAP Gateway accesses the application and retrieves the information as a registered OAuth 2.0 client.

  • Business Layer

    SAP Gateway updates backend system with the data.