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Configuring Report ParametersLocate this document in the navigation structure

To configure report parameters, proceed as follows:

  1. In transaction SPRO open the SAP Reference IMG and navigate to: Start of the navigation path SAP NetWeaver Next navigation step SAP Gateway Next navigation step Content Next navigation step  Reporting Administration Next navigation step Report Settings  Next navigation step Manage Reports and their Properties End of the navigation path and click the Activity icon. All reports that have been configured are listed.

  2. Choose a report from the Manage Reports and their Properties view list. Double-click Report Parameters and Values in the dialog structure on the left. The parameters of the report are listed.

  3. Enter the following values for the editable fields:




    For each parameter, enter a number to represent the order in which it should be displayed to the user.


    Select the checkbox if it is mandatory for the users to enter a value for the parameter.


    Specify whether the parameter should be displayed to users or not, and whether it should be editable if displayed.

    Parameter Name

    Change the name of the parameter.

    Radio Buttons Group Name

    If you want to group certain parameters together and display them as a series of radio buttons, enter group names for each set of radio buttons.

    For example, you could enter the group name Date for parameters Today, Tomorrow and Specify Date; and the group name Country for parameters One country and Several countries.

    F4 Availability

    If this option is enabled, it indicates that the F4 option is available. You cannot edit this option.

    Context Group

    Specify the context group for the parameter.

    Context Variable

    Enter the context variable for the parameter.


    Select Inclusive here to query reports that are within the values specified in the parameter.

    For example, if the parameter dates specify August 01 to August 30, the report considers these dates when run.

    Default Condition

    Select the default condition to be displayed for the parameter. This option only specifies the default display. The user can still select other conditions for the value.

    Default Low/From Value

    Enter the default starting value to be displayed for parameters that require a range of values.

    Default High/To Value

    Enter the default ending value to be displayed for parameters that require.


    In case a particular parameter has multiple parameter values then the value, which has the lowest parameter order is displayed and this cannot be modified.

  4. Save your settings.