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Copying a Service Builder ProjectLocate this document in the navigation structure


If a Service Builder project for a similar use case already exists and you would like to reuse this project together with its data model and service implementation, you can create a copy of the project and then make changes as required. Copying a project together with its design time artifacts can save your time and effort.


The Copy Project function does not enable you to copy runtime artifacts, which must be generated anew.


To copy an existing Service Builder project, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the project you want to copy in the tree view.

  2. Right-click the project name and click Copy Project from the context menu.

  3. In the Create Project dialog box, overwrite the name of the project you want to copy, for example, you could add _0002 to indicate that it is a new version of the project.

  4. Enter a new or adapted description for the copy of the project, for example, Short Description 2.

  5. The name of the template (original) project that you want to copy is displayed in the Project field. Ensure that this is the correct project that you want to copy.

  6. To copy the project’s data model and service implementation (mapping), select Data Model and Service Implementation in the Create from Template Project section of the dialog box.

  7. In the Attributes section, the project type of the template (original) project is displayed. You cannot change the project type. Ensure Standard is entered in the Generation Strategy field.

  8. Click Local Object to create the copy of the project as a local object.

  9. Click Continue.


A new project is created as a copy of the template (original) project and displayed in the tree view in edit mode. You can make the relevant changes to the design-time artifacts.

Figure 1: Copied project in tree view