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 Online Detection


In online detection, an external application calls SAP Fraud Management via a Web service and evaluates detection objects for possible fraud.

Business Case

In online fraud detection, an external application calls SAP Fraud Management via a Web service. This means that you have integrated a call to SAP Fraud Management for online detection into a business process in the external application.

For example, a claims examiner wants to check a new claim in real time for signs of fraud. The examiner initiates online detection; behind the scenes, a request is sent to SAP Fraud Management. SAP Fraud Management examines the investigation object and detection object information provided in the request. The claims examiner receives notification, in real time, whether an alert was raised for the detection objects or not. This means that SAP Fraud Management can be integrated into your business processes on a “while you wait” basis, without disrupting the business process flow.

Web Services for Online Detection

SAP Fraud Management supports different Web services for online detection. SAP recommends using the first type of online detection mentioned below:

  • Online Detection Based on Generic Input tables: You can use the Web service FraudDetection_GenericTable_Request_Sync_In to perform online fraud detection. This interface has the following features:

    • The input parameters include generic tables, which you can use to transfer the data of your application tables as they are, with no need to map the content of your application tables. The generic tables are also used directly in the detection method without having to have a mapping procedure in the SAP Fraud Management system.

    • The detection strategy is determined by the system in SAP Fraud Management based on the data given in input to the service interface.

    • The processing is synchronous. Therefore, there is no separate interface required for the confirmation message.

  • Online Detection Based on Fixed Structure Input: The Web services FraudDetectionRequest_In and FraudDetectionConfirmation_Out also perform online fraud detection and have the following features:

    • The input parameters have a fixed structure, which means that you must map your application data into this predefined structure. As well, a mapping procedure is needed in the SAP Fraud Management System in order to map the input data to the tables used by the detection method.

    • The detection strategy is not determined by the SAP Fraud Management system. That is, it must be given as an input parameter or it must be determined in a BAdI in SAP Fraud Management.

    • The processing is asynchronous. Therefore, Web service FraudDetectionRequest_In is used to make the request and the Web service FraudDetectionConfirmation_Out is required for the confirmation.