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 Alert Reporting and Analysis with SAP Lumira


You can use any external program that can connect to SAP HANA to do analysis and reporting on alerts and alert items. This section describes how to use SAP Lumira to do this analysis and reporting.

SAP Fraud Management provides the analytic view AN_ALERT_VIEW for use with SAP Lumira or other external programs. The view is located in package sap.hana-app.fra.generic.ana. and gives you access to all of the information available on alerts and alert items.

  • The SAP HANA Client must be installed on your personal computer.

  • SAP Lumira must be installed on your personal computer. You can use any of the available SAP Lumira products, such as SAP Lumira Desktop.

  • You must define a user in SAP HANA that SAP Lumira can use to call the AN_ALERT_VIEW analytic view.

Analysis and Reporting with SAP Lumira

This section briefly shows how to use SAP Lumira to report on alerts and alert items. For more information about using SAP Lumira, see http://saplumira.comInformation published on non-SAP site.

  1. Start SAP Lumira on your PC and build a new data set by choosing Start of the navigation path File Next navigation step New End of the navigation path.

  2. Choose the connection mode:

    • Connect to SAP HANA, for SAP Lumira in online mode. In this mode, the data in your report stays in the database and is not downloaded.

    • Download from SAP HANA, for SAP Lumira in offline mode. In this mode, the data in your report is downloaded from the database.

  3. Fill in the connection information for the SAP HANA database. Enter the SAP HANA host server and instance number, and the name and password of your SAP HANA user. Then click Connect.

  4. Select the AN_ALERT_VIEW. Navigate to package sap.hana-app.fra.generic.ana. and select AN_ALERT_VIEW. The click Next.

  5. Select measures and attributes from the view for your report. Then click Create.

  6. You see the main screen of SAP Lumira. Briefly described:

    • The Prepare tab lets you build time-based (offline mode only) or geographical hierarchies with your data and prepare your data for analysis and reporting.

    • Use the Visualize tab to display and analyze your data.

    • Use the Compose tab to prepare your analyses for sharing and presentation by creating storyboards.

    • The Share tab lets you publish your report. You can, for example, download a data set as a file.

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