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 Front-End Server: Activate OData Services


There are several ways to activate the relevant OData services:


  1. Run transaction Activate and maintain services (/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE) on the front-end server.

  2. Choose Add Service.

  3. Enter the system alias of your back-end system.

  4. In the External Service Name field, enter the technical name of the OData service for your app without the version number. For more information on the OData service per app, see the app-specific documentation in the section SAP Fiori Apps.

  5. In the Version field, enter the version number.

  6. Choose Get Services.

  7. Choose Add Selected Services.

  8. Enter a technical name for the service in your customer namespace.

  9. Assign a package or choose Local Object.

  10. Choose Execute to save the service.

  11. On the Activate and maintain services screen, check if the system alias is maintained correctly. If not, delete the alias and add the correct one.