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 Front-End Server: Activate ICF Services of SAP UI5 Application


In addition to the central services relevant for all SAP Fiori apps, you must also activate the services for the specific apps. This is because, for security reasons, all Internet Communication Framework (ICF) services are made available in an inactive state.

Note Note

For security reasons, we recommend that you only activate the services for the apps you want to use.

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There are several ways to activate the relevant ICF services:

  • You can activate the ICF services for each app manually, as given below.

  • You can activate OData services and ICF nodes at once (if the app-specific documentation mentions specific OData services), by using an SAP Fiori app. For more information, see Activate Apps with SAP Fiori App Implementation Foundation.


For each app, you find the technical name of the corresponding ICF service in the App Implementation documentation under Start of the navigation path Implementation Tasks End of the navigation path.


To activate an ICF service, proceed as follows:

  1. On the front-end server, start transaction Maintain Services (SICF).

  2. Press F8.

  3. Navigate to Start of the navigation path default_host Next navigation step sap Next navigation step bc Next navigation step ui5_ui5 Next navigation step sap End of the navigation path.

  4. In this node, navigate to the SAP UI5 application for your app.

  5. To activate the service (SAP UI5 application), choose Start of the navigation path Service/Host Next navigation step Activate End of the navigation path.