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 Activate BI Content Bundle


You have installed the BW system and BI content.

To access this information, follow the procedure Connect to One SAP BW System and Install BI Content


To activate a BI content bundle, proceed as follows:

  1. Enter the IMG and choose Start of the navigation path Cross-Application Components Next navigation step Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications Next navigation step Analytics Next navigation step BI Content Activation Workbench End of the navigation path or start transaction BSANLY_BI_ACTIVATION.

  2. The BI Content Activation Workbench: Content Bundle Overview screen appears.

    In the Business Category field, choose 03 Business Functions.

  3. The system lists all content bundles belonging to this business category.

    Select the content bundle you want to activate and choose Activate (Activate).

  4. The BI Content Activation Workbench: Activate Content Bundle screen appears.

    Choose RFC Mapping... (RFC Mapping...).

  5. The Maintain RFC Mapping dialog box appears.

    In the Dialog RFC connection column, enter NONE.

    In the Background RFC connection column, enter NONE.

    Select the Local checkbox and choose OK (OK).

  6. You are back on the BI Content Activation Workbench: Activate Content Bundle screen.

    In the RFC Destination for Content Objects field, enter NONE to activate the objects in the local system.

    In the Source System for DataSource Replication field group, select No Data Source Replication.

    For Treatment of Already Active Content Objects, select Copy and select the Install all Collected Objects checkbox.

    Choose Activate (Activate).


If the BI bundle has not been activated yet, you need to activate all the BI contents collected in the bundle through transaction RSOR. Then make sure that the latest version of the analysis application 0ANALYSIS is active:

  1. Start transaction RSOR.

  2. The screen Data Warehousing Workbench: Transport Connection appears.

    Choose Object Types in the left panel and open More Types, Analysis Application and Select Object in the middle panel.

  3. A pop-up window appears. Select 0ANALYSIS and choose Transfer Selections

  4. In the Grouping menu, select Dataflow Before and Afterwards. Select the application in the main window, right click on it and choose Install all below.

  5. Choose Install to start the content installation.

The content will be installed.