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 Implementation of SAP GUI for HTML Apps


To be able to view apps that use the SAP GUI for HTML UI technology in catalogs and roles on the front end, follow the procedures explained in the most recent version of the “UI Technology Guide for S/4HANA” on the SAP Help Portal at published on SAP site . Look for the “Web Dynpro Apps and SAP GUI for HTML Apps” section.

Note Note

The system alias for creating the required RFC connection is S4FIN.

The technical catalogs with SAP GUI for HTML apps provided for SAP S/4HANA Finance, are listed in SAP Note 2242596Information published on SAP site.

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In the “UI Technology Guide for S/4HANA”, there is also an explanation about adding SAP GUI for HTML apps to your own catalogs. Look for the “Adding Web Dynpro and SAP GUI for HTML Apps to a Catalog” section.