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 Implementation of Web Dynpro Apps


Some analytical or transactional apps use the well-established Web Dynpro UI technology. This UI technology offers floorplan patterns, which are ideal for analytical or planning purposes.

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From mobile devices or tablets, you cannot access Web Dynpro transactions through the SAP Fiori launchpad.

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This guide tells you how to implement Web Dynpro apps.


  • You have installed and configured the system landscape.

  • You have set up the SAP Fiori infrastructure.


  1. Before you can implement a Web Dynpro app, you have to do some preparation. Collect Web Dynpro Information from the SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library to learn where to find it.

  2. The activation of an app makes it accessible in the system. See App Activation to learn how to activate it.

  3. We configured all Web Dynpro apps in the launchpad designer and the transaction LPD_CUST. See Configuration of Web Dynpro Apps to review and understand the configuration.

  4. We created roles for the front-end server and the back-end server, which make the app available and accessible for users. See Authorization for a Web Dynpro App to learn how to grant app authorization to your users.