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SAP Extended Warehouse Management for Fashion



Based on

SAP Extended Warehouse Management 900

Documentation Published

September 2013


The latest product offering from SAP AG, SCM Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) solution offers the best of breed warehouse management system. The EWM solution is highly scalable offering high grade of stock transparency as well as industry best practice in warehouse management.

The SAP IS-AFS is an industry solution for apparel and footwear companies. Looking at the growing business needs of the AFS industry, the EWM solution when used together with IS-AFS ERP solution can pose a great business benefit for the SAP AFS Customers.

AFS cannot be interfaced to Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) in SCM using the existing standard delivery interfaces because the materials in the AFS system are maintained as additional stock differentiating attributes in addition to the stock differentiating attributes in the standard SAP ERP ECC System.

The AFS Materials have attributes like color and size. These attributes are maintained as product variants that form the stock keeping units of the AFS products. These variants are maintained as AFS-specific attributes on the material master.

The SAP Extended Warehouse Management for Fashion solution, adapts the EWM systems so that master data and transaction data can be exchanged between the AFS and EWM systems.

The AFS-EWM interfacing and the enhancements necessary to enable a seamless integration between both the systems, can be categorized into two main broad areas:

  • The AFS master data (materials, batches) and its replication into SCM-EWM system.

  • The AFS transactional data (information about inventory, warehouse execution documents like inbound deliveries, outbound deliveries etc.) and its replication into EWM.