Start Level 1 Node: Catch WeightCatch WeightEnd Level 1 Node: Catch Weight
   Start Level 2 Node: Integration with Catch WeightIntegration with Catch WeightEnd Level 2 Node: Integration with Catch Weight
   Start Level 2 Node: Changes in the Product MasterChanges in the Product MasterEnd Level 2 Node: Changes in the Product Master
      Start Level 3 Node: Units of MeasureUnits of MeasureEnd Level 3 Node: Units of Measure
   Start Level 2 Node: Effects on Processes in EWMEffects on Processes in EWMEnd Level 2 Node: Effects on Processes in EWM
   Start Level 2 Node: Catch Weight in the DeliveryCatch Weight in the DeliveryEnd Level 2 Node: Catch Weight in the Delivery
   Start Level 2 Node: Catch Weight in Physical InventoryCatch Weight in Physical InventoryEnd Level 2 Node: Catch Weight in Physical Inventory
   Start Level 2 Node: Quality Inspection Using Catch WeightQuality Inspection Using Catch WeightEnd Level 2 Node: Quality Inspection Using Catch Weight