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 Quality Inspection Using Catch Weight


You can use catch weight in Extended Warehouse Management (EMW) to perform quality inspections for catch weight products. This means that you can now check and record catch weight quantities in addition to logistics quantities.


  • You have made the required Customizing settings for the quality inspection in Extended Warehouse Management. For more information, see Quality Inspection .

  • You have created the relevant inspection rule for your catch weight products.

    For more information about creating inspection rules, see Creation of Inspection Rule .


Work Center: Quality Inspection and Counting (/SCWM/QINSP)

In the case of the quality inspection and counting of catch weight products, you can enter the corresponding catch weight quantity for each inspection element in addition to the logistics quantity.

If you want to make it mandatory that the user enters the catch weight quantity at the work center, you can configure the catch weight product in an appropriate way. Entering the catch weight quantity is controlled in the EWM system via cross-warehouse or warehouse-specific catch weight profiles and the work center.

For more information about catch weight profiles, see Changes in the Product Master and the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Extended Warehouse Management under Start of the navigation path Master Data Next navigation step Product Next navigation step Catch Weight Next navigation step Define Catch Weight Profile for Catch Weight Quantities End of the navigation path .

Processing Inspection Document for Product (/SCWM/QIDPR)

In the inspection documents for products, the system uses the CW-Relevant checkbox to indicate products that must be inventory-managed in two quantities. Since the inspection document refers to the logistics unit of measure, the system does not display the expected catch weight quantity of an inspection document. In this transaction, you cannot enter quantities.