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 Integration with Catch Weight


Catch weight can be used in Extended Warehouse Management in combination with a standard SAP ERP system.


Behavior of Units of Measure in Combination with a Standard SAP ERP System:

In the standard SAP ERP system, the inventory-managed unit of measure is the valuation unit of measure. However, in the EWM system, both the logistics unit of measure and the valuation unit of measure are inventory-managed. That said, quantity offsetting, for example, in the EWM delivery area always relates to the logistics unit of measure. For this reason, the units of measure from the standard ERP system are automatically converted in EWM.

Note Note

Due to rounding differences that result from this conversion, and in cases where the exact valuation quantity that was ordered cannot be fulfilled, the system may not be able to automatically complete the purchase order and the delivery completed checkbox must be set manually.

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