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 Warehouse Request of the Internal Stock Transfer Type


This warehouse request defines all warehouse-internal product movements in Extended Warehouse Management (EWM).


You use this document to plan your warehouse process for ad hoc movements, replenishments, and rearrangement in EWM. Since you can only use this document within the warehouse, it does not contain any delivery-based predecessor documents in other systems (for example, SAP R/3). Your processes in this case are only visible within the warehouse. After completion of the process, EWM informs the connected systems about the process execution.

You execute the internal stock transfer directly from storage bin A to storage bin B without an intermediate stop (such as packing station). As a result, there is one picking and putaway bin for every internal stock transfer. You or EWM indicate these storage bins when creating warehouse requests.

For more information about warehouse-internal functions, see Ad Hoc Movement , Replenishment , or Rearrangement .


For the structural description of a warehouse request, see Warehouse Request .


EWM sends the posting change that it executes for the internal stock transfer as a goods movement message to SAP R/3.