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 Warehouse Request


The warehouse request is a document that enables the processing of warehouse activities for a specific product. The warehouse activities for a product include the following:

  • Picking

  • Putaway

  • Posting change

  • Stock transfer (within warehouse)

  • Scrapping

The following types of warehouse requests exist:

In addition to these working documents, the following predecessor documents exist:


You use this document in Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) to:

EWM uses warehouse requests to form waves . EWM works with both inactive and active document versions .

It creates warehouse tasks to fulfill the warehouse request.

You can create, process, delete, or archive warehouse requests .


A warehouse request consists of

For more information about the structure, see Documents in Delivery Processing .


Systems outside of EWM send messages for a warehouse request to EWM . For a goods receipt process, this is an SAP ERP system. For a goods issue process, this is a sales order system.

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For more information about Customizing for integration between SAP ERP and EWM, see the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Supply Chain Management under Start of the navigation path Extended Warehouse Management Next navigation step Interfaces Next navigation step ERP Integration. End of the navigation path

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