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The SAP Logon is a Windows program, which you use to log on to SAP systems on your Windows PC. It mediates between the SAP system and the SAP GUI user interface. The SAP Logon displays a list of available SAP systems and automatically selects servers with the best current response times. It also allows you to modify this list of systems.


Use SAP Logon to log on to SAP systems. Use the defined entries on the Systems tab to start an SAP system. Use this tab to log on to a specific application server or to log on to a group to select the application server with the best response time automatically. Use the defined entries on the Shortcuts tab to start SAP transactions, run reports, or execute system commands directly.


To start the SAP Logon, perform one of the following:

        Double-click the SAP Logon icon on your desktop

        Choose the Windows menu Start Programs SAP Front End SAPlogon

The SAP Logon main window appears. It contains the following tabs:

Systems Tab

On this tab you can log on to an SAP system in the following ways:

        Log on by double-clicking an entry in the system list

        Log on to a system without adding it to the list of system entries

On this tab you can maintain entries by:

        Adding entries to the list of systems using group or server selection

        Making user-defined connections to SAP systems

        Deleting entries

        Editing already existing entries in the system list

For more information, see The System Tab.

Shortcut tab

On this tab you can directly execute:



        System commands

On this tab you can maintain SAP shortcut entries by:

        Adding entries to the list of shortcuts

        Deleting entries

        Edit already existing entries

For more information, see The Shortcut Tab.

Viewing Entries

On both tabs you can view the entries in different ways with different properties displayed.

For more information, see Viewing Entries on Each Tab.


The SAP Logon icon is displayed in the system tray of the system taskbar (at the bottom right corner of your screen). You can maximize or minimize the SAP Logon by clicking the icon using the primary mouse button. If you click the icon using the right mouse button, you can display a list of connections to SAP Systems that are already open.

For more information, see your SAP GUI Help, by opening the SAP Logon and pressing F1.


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