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Hierarchies serve to depict hierarchical relationships between the master data objects of an object type. Hierarchies are based on hierarchy structures and can be created, changed, and deleted in the course of hierarchy maintenance.

Hierarchies can be formed from the following master data object types:

  • Location

    For this master data type, you could define a customer hierarchy containing customer groups with different customers for example. This could obviate the need for single-item planning.

  • Location product

    A hierarchy of this master data type consists of location products.

  • Product

    A hierarchy of this master data type might consist of product family, product group, and product, for example.

  • Resource

    Similar resources can be combined to form a resource group. The resources can be planned individually but can be used as a resource group in the production process model (PPM). This facilitates a rough capacity check in the entire supply chain.

  • Production process model (PPM)/production data structure (PDS) (for SAP APO only)

    A hierarchy for a PPM or a PDS might consist of a PPM for a product group and a PPM for a product, for instance.

  • Transportation zone

    The transportation zone hierarchy enables you to map a transportation zone as a set of other transportation zones. A location that is situated in one of the subordinate transportation zones is thus also situated in this superordinate zone.

A master data object can occur in different hierarchies.

For more information, see Hierarchy Structure and Maintain Hierarchy.