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Enabling External User-Defined FunctionsLocate this document in the navigation structure

By default, external user-defined functions (UDFs) are disabled in the cluster configuration through the enable-udfs property. To successfully run a project containing UDFs, set this property to true using the SAP ESP Cockpit.


  • Your user account has the required read and admin permissions in ESP.


  1. Select the EXPLORE workset, then select Start of the navigation path Actions Next navigation step Configure Cluster End of the navigation path .
  2. Select ESP Cluster in the browser.
  3. Expand the Applications folder.
  4. Select either ha-project or project to edit that section of the cluster configuration.
  5. Edit the value of the enable-udfs property by selecting the cell and entering the new value.
    Note If you remove this property from the cluster configuration, the ESP Server behaves the same way as when the property is set to false and any projects containing UDFs will fail to run successfully.