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 Goods Receipt Handling without Reference to Inbound Deliveries


If there is no inbound delivery, putaway occurs after the goods movement posting, at which point the system must recognize the handling unit (it must exist in the system). During posting, the system knows which handling units (HUs) must be posted for each posting line. In the Warehouse Management (WM) system, corresponding interim quants and storage units are created for these handling units, instead of transfer requirements.

Putting away handling units basically involves storage unit transports. Such transports are not meant to function as additions to existing stock. If you want to add the stock of a handling unit to an existing handling unit of this material, you can do so by manually creating a transfer order after goods receipt is posted for the inbound delivery.


You can use the Define sequence of transfer order – goods receipt activity in Customizing to define whether you want to allow goods issue posting before putaway.

Process Flow

You can use Goods receipt posting of handling units for production orders to post handling units to the warehouse with or without reference to inbound deliveries. This posting automatically creates storage units for these handling units. The stock of these storage units is found in the interim storage bin that was determined in Customizing (see also Inventory Management and Generating interim storage bins ). You can also use Customizing to activate direct transfer-order creation so that the putaway transfer-order is created in the background immediately following goods receipt posting. Otherwise, you can use the Move storage unit function to complete putaway.

Regardless of the Customizing settings that were made, transfer requirements are generally not created for handling units as goods receipt is posted.

Note Note

Missing parts processing during putaway of handling units is not supported at the moment.

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