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 Specification Workbench


With the specification workbench you can display and edit specifications and other objects, such as materials, using one central interface.


The specification workbench is used in the SAP components Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) and Recipe Management (PLM-RM).


You have edited the IMG activity Set Up Workbench in Customizing for Basic Data and Tools .


The following screen areas are available in the specification workbench:


In these screen areas you will find the functions for navigating around the workbench, and you can customize the specification workbench to suit your needs using the function with the quick info text Personalization .

Navigation Area

In this screen area you call the search screens for the individual object types and the hit lists for previously run searches. You can also transfer objects to this screen area using drag and drop. You can then call these objects by double-clicking them to display or edit them in the application area. These objects are arranged below the node for the object type, for example, specifications of the specification category Substance are arranged below Substance . In addition, you can arrange objects below the Favorites node. You can personalize your settings so that only the contents of certain folders is saved, for example, you can specify that the objects below the Favorites node are displayed again the next time the specification workbench is opened, but those objects below the object type node are not.

Detail Area

This screen area displays the details for the currently selected object. You can select individual parts of the object to display and edit them in the application area. For example, for a specification, the property tree is displayed and you can select properties for value assignment in the application area.

Application Area

The following functions are available in this screen area:

  • You can enter search criteria when searching for objects of a certain object type.

  • Following a specification search , the specifications found are displayed in a hit list ; you can select the specifications you want to edit and transfer them to the navigation area.

  • You can edit an object that you have selected in the navigation area, the detail area, or the hit list.


To open the specification workbench, in the Basic Data and Tools menu choose Specification Workbench .