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 Real Estate Management (RE)


This component maps the requirements of Real Estate Management in a general overview of the relevant business transactions:

  • Management of real estate

    Creating and managing all objects required for the management of real estate (business entity, property, building, rental unit, rooms).

  • Lease out

    Ongoing processes from creating the lease-out to the rent adjustment, rental accounting, rental settlement through to contract notice and the final rental unit inspection.

  • Third-party management

    Supporting third-party management of real estate through to the settlement of fees or the costs and owner revenues.

  • Lease in

    Credit view of the rental process for controlling the cashflows to the landlord and incoming expenses.

  • Control of business processes relevant to real estate

    Integration of important processes in the management of real estate:

    • Assets management postings and evaluations

    • Real estate controlling (cost planning/inter-company activity assignment/cost settlement/profit center invoicing)

    • Planning and controlling new developments, maintenance tasks, modernization tasks

    • Purchase order processing and commitments management for the operation and maintenance of real estate

  • Evaluation mechanism

    Evaluating and reporting real estate master data and postings to support management decisions and supply end users with the information they need.


SAP components required

To use this component, you need to install the following SAP components:

  • Financial Accounting

  • Controlling

Supporting SAP components

Function you require

Required components or component parts

Planning and execution of planned or unplanned maintenance, modernization measures or new development in the real estate area

Plant Maintenance (PM)

Ordering of materials for maintaining the energy supply or the maintenance of real estate

Materials Management (MM)

Planning of complex maintenance and investment measures while observing commonly experienced risk factors

Project System (PS)

Value-based management and treatment of fixed assets.

Asset Accounting (FI-AA)

Internal control function using Profit Center Accounting

Profit Center Accounting (EC-PCA)