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Processing Batch Input Sessions  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

When you create a batch input session, it remains in the batch input queue until it is explicitly started. Session processing can be started in two ways:

Itís possible to coordinate the generation and execution of a session in the background processing system.

You can, for example, schedule both the batch input program and RSBDCSUB in the background. If you designate the batch input job as the predecessor for RSBDCSUB, then RSBDCSUB will be started automatically when the batch input job successfully completes.

Alternatively, you can schedule both the batch input program and RSBDCSUB as job steps in a single background job. In this case, however, RSBDCSUB is started even if the batch input program should terminate abnormally.

For detailed information about processing batch input sessions, see Managing Batch Input Sessions in the System Services guide.