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 Warranty Objects


Warranty objects are the objects for which the warranty is valid and for which you can enter warranty claims. The following technical objects in the SAP system can be warranty objects in warranty processing: equipment, functional locations, installed bases and material numbers with serial number . In addition, there is the warranty object vehicle for SAP Discrete Industries.


  • Equipment: CS-BD/PM-EQM-EQ

  • Functional locations: CS-BD/PM-EQM-FL

  • Installed bases: CS-IB-IN/

  • Material number with serial number: LO-MD-MM, LO-MD-SN

  • Vehicles: IS-A-VMS (only with SAP Discrete Industries; not with SAP R/3 Enterprise)

    Note Note

    You can use BAdIs WTY_READ_SUPPL_DATA and WTY_F4_RELOB to link in other objects according to customer-specific objects.

    End of the note.


  • Equipment

    An equipment item is an individual object that is maintained as an autonomous unit , for example a production resource, means of transport, testing and measuring equipment, production resource or tool, a building or a PC. Equipment can be built into or out of functional locations. Each equipment item is maintained in the system with individual data (for example: construction year, end of warranty or location).

  • Functional Location

    A functional location is an organizational unit in Logistics that structures the maintenance objects of a company according to functional, process-oriented or spatial criteria, for example a pumping station, a sewage or purification plant or a hall. A functional location represents the place at which a maintenance task is performed.

  • Installed Base

    An installed base is a multi-level component structure for managing products at the customer site and for managing products that are used internally. The installed base describes the structure of these products and their components. The following master records can be part of a component: material, equipment, functional location, installed base and document.

  • Material Number with Serial Number

    The material master record contains all the data for describing and managing a material, but does not offer any options for differentiating between individual items. The combination of material number and serial number defines material individual items and renders them distinguishable.

    If you want to work with material numbers/serial numbers, you have to link the screen groups S6100 (serial number/material number) and S6101 (main object plus serial number/material number) to the screen layout of your warranty claim type under Start of the navigation path Layout Next navigation step Define Screen Layouts. End of the navigation path You can find further information in the system documentation for BAdI WTY_DYNPRO_DYNAMIC, method SET_SCREEN.

  • Vehicle (only with SAP Discrete Industries; not with SAP R/3 Enterprise)

    A vehicle is produced when you create a vehicle for a vehicle model in the Vehicle Management System (VMS). It is, therefore, an instance of a vehicle model , in other words, an individual object. A configuration is always created for a vehicle, the characteristics in the configuration may have been assigned all possible values, only some values or no values at all. A vehicle is identified uniquely by its vehicle numbers.

You can enter warranty conditions (master warranty, start of the warranty period) and measurement positions/measuring points for all objects in the object master record and thus fulfill the prerequisites for the warranty check, in other words the check that tests whether there is still a valid warranty for the object (see also: Warranty Check and Master Warranties ).

Caution Caution

Installed bases that you use as warranty objects should be of type WY. Only then can you enter warranty conditions (master warranty, start of warranty period) and measurement positions/measuring points in the master record.

End of the caution.


  1. Create objects master records for these objects in the SAP system:

    • Equipment: transactions IE01, IE02, IE03

    • Functional location: transactions IL01, IL02, IL03

    • Installed base: transactions IB51, IB52, IB53

    • Material number: transactions MM01, MM02, MM03; serial number: transactions IQ01, IQ02, IQ03

    • Vehicle: transaction VELO

  2. Reference the objects in the warranty claim via object type and object number ( transaction WTY ).