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 Copying Project Dates as Basic Order Dates


When you assign an order to a project, this means that the project dates represent the definitive basic dates for this order. The order can be assigned to a work breakdown structure (WBS) element or a network operation of the project.

If you assign the order to both a WBS element and a network, the system will always copy the dates for the network operation; they have priority over the dates in the WBS element.


  1. Call up the order in change mode .

  2. Choose Additional data .

  3. Enter the WBS element or the network operation to which the order is assigned and press Continue .

  4. The system displays a dialog box.

  5. How you proceed now depends on your requirements:

  • If you have only entered one WBS element , you can decide whether or not you want to copy the WBS element dates for the order.

If you copy the project dates, the system changes the basic order dates in the Dates section into the project basic dates.

If you do not copy the project dates, the original order dates remain decisive for scheduling.

  • If you have entered a network operation, the system automatically copies the dates, and you can also copy the WBS element, profit center, business area and priority from the network operation into the order.

Note Note

In the Project System, you can update changed dates in the order using Copy project dates . This function is also available in the selection function for orders (list editing), so that you can update dates from several orders in one step.

End of the note.
  1. Save the order.

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