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Function documentationCustomizing for ICMS Partilha (SD)


You use this Customizing activity to calculate the ICMS Partilha when you are selling or delivering goods for a different state than the state of origin. In this case, the system will calculate the ICMS Partilha for outgoing goods automatically.


You have installed the SAP Note 2232757Information published on SAP site.


Follow the procedure below when you are filling a sales order to calculate the partition value regarding ICMS Partilha:

  1. Go to Country tab.

  2. Fill the Tax Code field and specify if it is a consumption good.

  3. Go to Conditions tab.

    In the Pricing elements field will be available the tax rate and value for the state of origin, state of destination and special fund. Once you have filled all mandatory fields, the system will calculate the related values and they will be available in Net Value and Tax Value fields.

Note Note

If the tax rate of the state of origin is higher than the state of destination, the calculation result will be negative. Than, is not collected any value regarding ICMS Partilha.

If the ICMS tax rate difference between the state of origin and destination is equal to the special fund defined by the Brazilian government, is collected only the special fund and not the partition correspondent to ICMS.

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