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 Process Object


Object that represents the persistence layer of runtime data that results from the execution of a form-based process .

The system creates a process object if a user triggers the process in the start application . The system saves the following data and elements in this process object:

  • Data that a user entered in the form (for each process step)

  • Attachments that a user included in the process while the process was being run

The process object is created and the data is saved using the Case Management component.


The process object forms the basis for the following HR Administrative Services functions:

  • Executing the form application within a process

    To be able to run a process step correctly, the form application requires both the data stored in the workflow and data such as the information that was entered in the form or the reference number of a process. The form application receives this data from the process object.

  • Searching and displaying processes using the Process Browser

    The Process Browser is used to search for processes and for detailed information for the processes, such as status, employees involved, or times of execution. In the Process Browser, you can search using attributes of the process object and display the found processes in various degrees of detail (attributes for a process, attributes for steps of a process). The process object thus forms the technical basis for searching and displaying in the Process Browser.


The process object is structured hierarchically with the following levels:

  • Top level: Has attributes for the process, such as process name or process reference number

  • Middle level: Has attributes for the form scenarios used in the process, such as name and version of the form scenario

  • Bottom level: Has data about the process step, that is, the data entered in the form and the administrative data such as the person executing the process or the status of the process step.

The examples for the individual levels come from HR Processes and Forms .

The case typeis of the most importance in Case Management. For each of the named levels of a process object, a specific case type is predefined that you must implement in the Customizing of the process modeling.

For more information about configuring the process object in Case Management, see the Implementation Guide (IMG) for HR Administrative Services under Start of the navigation path Configuration of Forms/Processes Next navigation step Process Configuration Next navigation step Technical Settings Next navigation step Set Up Process Object End of the navigation path .