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 Creating a Dropdown List Box


For an input field on an interactive form, you can create a dropdown list box that contains the range of valid input values for this field.


For the field in the form scenario, you have either defined a manual value help or configured the value help such that it is provided by means of a backend service.


You access the Adobe LiveCycle Designer ( Form Builder ) through the Customizing for HR Administrative Services :

Choose Configuration of Forms/Processes Configuration of Forms Create ISR Scenario

Choose Version in the dialog structure.

The Change Version view appears.

Choose Generate to create the form or Change Adobe Form to edit an existing form.

Proceed as follows:

Decide whether you want to create a dropdown list box in which the first element in the list is always selected as default or if an empty entry is also permitted.

If you want to create a dropdown list box with an empty entry, select the element with the name ISR DDL No Preselection from the (ISR) Library .

If the first element in the dropdown list box is to be selected as the default, use the element ISR DDL 1st Element Preselected

Proceed as follows:

Link the subelement FIELD to the dropdown list box. To do this, proceed as described in Creating Form Fields with Data Binding .

Choose the Binding tab page and then Element Values .

The Dynamic Properties dialog box appears. Enter the following value in the Objects field: $<Field name>\.DATA\.FIELD.item[*] , whereby <Field name> is the name of the form field.

Decide if the dropdown list box is to trigger a roundtrip at runtime when you select an entry.

A roundtrip must be triggered if there are other fields or other dropdown list boxes whose values are dependent on the selected value and therefore must be recalculated accordingly.

If you have a dropdown list box for both Personnel Area and Personnel Subarea, the possible entries for the Personnel Subarea are dependent on the entry you select for Personnel Area. This means that the dropdown list box for the Personnel Area must trigger a roundtrip so that the possible entries for the Personnel Subarea can be redetermined. In contrast, the dropdown list box for the Personnel Subarea does not have to trigger a roundtrip.

If the dropdown list box is not to trigger a roundtrip, the processing is completed.

If the dropdown list box is to trigger a roundtrip, you must adjust the coding of the dropdown list box as follows:

Select the dropdown list box on the form and choose Pallets Script Editor in Adobe LiveCycle Designer.

In the next window that appears, select the*exitentry in the Display dropdown box. Find the following coding:

// xfa.record.CONTROL_PARAM.ISR_EVENT.value = "CHECK";

// app.eval(";");

With the prefixed comment signs "//", the coding is deactivated.

Remove the comment signs "//".

Replace the CHECK string with USER EVENT CHECK.

The coding must then be as follows:


ContainerFoundation_JS.SendMessageToContainer(, "submit", "", "", "", "");

The coding is now activated and triggers a roundtrip at runtime so that dependent fields and dropdown list boxes can be calculated.