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 Collection Strategies


For collecting receivables with SAP Collections Management , the worklist of a collection specialist is created based on a collection strategy . Strategies control the prioritization of the business partners and the display of information in the worklist.

The business partners are prioritized based on rules. Conditions that are to lead to the business partner being considered in the worklist are selected and valuated.

To influence the display in the worklist, in the strategy, configure the currency of the amounts, the sorting of the receivables, the integration with dunning, and the consideration of items due in the future.


Collection strategies are a considerable part of the Customizing in SAP Collections Management . For more information, see:


By assigning exactly one collection strategy to each group, you ensure that the worklist items of all collection specialists of a group are prioritized and prepared in the same way.


The standard delivery contains examples of strategies (SAMPLE0001 to SAMPLE0003) that you can use to carry out the following actions:

  • Prioritize worklist items using information in Collections Management (promises to pay, resubmissions, customer contacts)

  • Create worklists based on the amount to be collected and using data from SAP Credit Management

  • Create worklists that you can use for collecting receivables before the due date