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 Using Form Fields to Enter Agent Notes


A standard function is available to enter agent notes in the form. To use this function, you must use the following automatically generated fields:


    In this field, the current agent (processor) of a form can enter any number of notes at the process runtime.


    In this field, all notes entered in previous processing steps are displayed to the current agent.


You access the Adobe LiveCycle Designer ( Form Builder ) through the Customizing for HR Administrative Services :

  • Choose Start of the navigation path Configuration of Forms/Processes Next navigation step Configuration of Forms Next navigation step Create ISR Scenario End of the navigation path .

  • Choose Version in the dialog structure.

    The Change Version view appears.

  • Choose Generate to create the form or Change Adobe Form to edit an existing form.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Select the element with the name ISR Text Edit from the (ISR) Library and move it to the form using drag and drop.

  2. Select the UI element.

  3. Switch to the Object tab page and then Field . Set the Allow Multiple Rows indicator.

  4. Adjust the description of the field. On the Layout tab page in the Label area, set the position to Top . Change the height and width of the text field to suit your requirements.

  5. Switch to the Paragraph tab page and set the alignment to Top .

  6. Switch to the Data Overview tab page .

  7. Select the field HRASR_CURRENT_NOTE and expand it down to the FIELD subelement.

  8. Select the FIELD element and use drag and drop to move it onto the UI element in the form.

  9. In the next dialog screen, select the Do Not Update Related Properties option.

    In this way, the text area is linked to the field HRASR_CURRENT_NOTE and the notes entered at runtime are automatically processed correctly.

  10. Perform steps 1 to 9 in the same way for the field HRASR_PREVIOUS_NOTES. However, in this case, use the ISR Text Display element from the Library .

    In this way, a field is provided on your form in which all notes of previous agents are displayed at the process runtime.