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 Creating Worklists


With this function you can create worklists for collection specialists. You can assign worklist items that have not been assigned automatically.


Before you can create worklists, the following prerequisites must be fulfilled:

You have performed the complete Customizing of SAP Collections Management .

If necessary, you have implemented the Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) available for the worklist. These are in Customizing for SAP Collections Management under Collections Management Basic SettingsWorklist.

You have made sure that all receivables from Financial Accounting have been transferred to Collections Management .


You can influence the creation of worklists with the following parameters:

Specification of collection segments

Specification of a validity date

Your collection specialists can only see and process the worklists created from this date. This means that you can create worklists for the future without influencing the current worklists.

Activation of the automatic distribution of worklist items

You can start the distribution of worklist items separately after the creation of the worklists. For more information, see Distribution of Worklist Items to Collection Specialists .

If you have set the indicator Distribute Items under Program Control , you have to select a distribution procedure. As standard, the Equal Distribution to Collection Specialists is available. This ensures that all worklist items created are assigned to collection specialists. It also ensures that the worklist items are distributed equally to the worklists with regard to priority.

Creation in parallel

Specify which application server or server group you want to use and the number of background jobs that you want to use to split the processing.

Before you create the worklists, make sure that the application servers involved provide the specified number of background jobs.

If you create the worklists using parallel processing, the background jobs together form one parallel run. For more information, see Monitor for Parallel Program Runs


To run the functions, from the SAP Easy Access screen, choose AccountingFinancial Supply Chain ManagementCollections ManagementPeriodic ProcessingWorklistsCreate Worklists