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 Time Sheet


The time sheet provides a standardized and application-independent time entry function for internal and external employees.

The basic idea behind the time sheet is to enter person-related working times for different applications with a single transaction. Company employees and/or service providers maintain their attendance times, periods of absence and working times personally in the system, together with information about an order, a purchase order and so on. The data is then transferred to the corresponding applications.


The time sheet is a cross-application development by SAP. Therefore, you do not need to be using any particular SAP application to be able to use the time sheet functions.

The data entered is transferred to the existing applications of Human Resources, Logistics and/or Accounting and processed in the usual way.


To use the time sheet, certain settings must be made in Customizing by the system administration. For more information, see Time Sheet .


The time sheet is used to enter the hours worked.The user does not need to know the functions of the target applications to enter data.

The simple structure of the data entry process in the time sheet and its screen also enables inexperienced system users to maintain their data without difficulty.

The users can also enter data for the following applications:

  • Material withdrawal

    A direct link to the MM transaction Enter Goods Issue is integrated into the time sheet.

  • Trip costs

    Likewise, a direct link to the HR transaction Maintain trip costs: Framework Data is integrated into the time sheet. In connection with a trip, working time performed is specially assigned by reference to a trip number.

    You can find more information about travel expenses under Travel Expenses .