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  Workset: Work Overview

Technical Data

Technical Name


This workset contains the most important functions and work items that HR administrators need to complete their daily tasks.


The workset contains the following iViews that are also available in the Employee Information workset in identical form:

  • Start Processes

  • Find Processes

  • Edit Employee Data (WD)

In contrast to the Employee Information workset, the HR administrator must specify in the Work Overview workset the required employee separately in each iView using the employee search.

In the Employee Information workset, the HR administrator can select the required employee just once in the Find Employees iView. All other iViews of the Employee Information workset then refer to this employee.


You have made the settings for the employee search in Customizing for HR Administrative Services under Start of the navigation path HR Administrator Next navigation step Employee Search End of the navigation path .


The Work Overview page ( is displayed in the content area. HR administrators can use the following iViews on this page:

In the Services iView in the navigation panel, managers can also access the following links that enable them to call additional iViews in a separate window: