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 Assignment of Materials and Substances


You can assign substances, that is, specifications of the specification category Substance, and materials to each other both in specification management and in the material master . In this case, the assignments you make in specification management are also visible in the material master and vice versa.

Depending on the application from which you call the function, the perspective changes and so, therefore, does the function description:

  • When you call it from specification management , it is referred to as material assignment

  • When you call it from the material master , it is referred to as specification assignment


See Assignment of Specifications and Materials .

For assignment in the material master , the required settings must have been made in Customizing for the material master . For more information, see Set Up Specification Assignment in Material Master in the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Basic Data and Tools .


Materials that have assignments to a substance cannot be archived and deleted (physical deletion). A material can only be physically deleted in the following cases:

  • All specification assignments were deleted.

  • The assigned specifications were deleted.

  • No specification assignments exist.

In each substance-material assignment, you can navigate to the assigned substance or the assigned material by double-clicking:

  • You can navigate from the material assignment to the material master for the assigned material.

  • You can navigate from the specification assignment to the specification workbench with the assigned substance.