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If you want to use other international address versions in addition to Japanese versions, you can use the customer exit SZAD0001 of the function module ADDRESS_INTO_PRINTFORM .


  1. If you want to use a version that SAP does not yet deliver as a key, create this version in transaction SM30 using the view V_SAPTSADV.
  2. Activate the version in Customizing (transaction SPRO) under the Component BC-SRV-ADR by choosing Basis Components à Basis Services à Address Management à 'Maintain Address Version Display Formats' (or in transaction SA09).
  3. The key for the formatting of the country that the version relates to has to be in the customer name space: Enter a value between 900 and 999 in the view T005A (transaction SM30).
  4. In Customizing of country settings (General settings à Set countries), assign the key defined in point 3 to the target country.


If an SAP standard format (key 1-899) has been used for this country up to now, a new key (900-999) can be assigned and then the standard format can be called in the customer exit with an external perform.


For more information about the actual implementation of the customer exit and the possible extension of application structures by address number, see SAP Note 316331.