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  Maintain Repetitive Codes


You can use this function to maintain the master data of repetitive codes in accordance with the company code and the house bank. You choose between the target account assignments:

  • Bank-to-bank transfer

  • Business partners

  • Vendor


You require this master data

  • for fast entry of payments with repetitive codes

  • for payments with repetitive codes when you generate payment requests online

  • for bank-to-bank transfers with repetitive codes when you generate payment requests from cash management advices

If you use SAP Enterprise Financial Services , see Repetitive Codes for more details on how repetitive codes are used in the Transaction and in the Standing instructions .


If you use repetitive codes by arrangement with your banks ( USA ), you must have agreed upon the repetitive codes you want to create with your house banks beforehand.

If you use repetitive codes internally to ease your workload, you do not need this agreement.


This function allows you to perform the following activities for repetitive codes:

  • Create

  • Change

  • Release

  • Block

  • Delete

You can assign authorizations for the individual activities. The standard setting is one release approval level. If you want to incorporate a second release approval level, you must set it up yourself using Business Transaction Event OPEN_FI_PERFORM_00001850_P. This would allow you to require one person to create the repetitive code, and two different employees to release it.

You can also group individual repetitive codes together with possible overlaps. The groups can then be used by clerks to allow them to make personalized selections when they use the fast entry function for payments with repetitive codes.

You can also display and print out a list of the existing repetitive codes. You can configure this using the ALV functions.


To maintain the master data, choose Start of the navigation path Accounting Next navigation step Financial Accounting Next navigation step Banks Next navigation step Master Data Next navigation step Repetitive Codesin the application menu End of the navigation path .